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We offer a tailor-made project in our specialized garage in São Paulo to fit your needs. A project manager will always be present to ensure the project is going smoothly and is up to your standards. We also provide a complete photo album, with occasional videos sent to you every Friday. Find out more about our service and completed projects.

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Our Profession

We are exporters of Brazilian made collectors' vehicles. Through this site we offer our customers access to the best VW Kombis for sale in Brazil. All the vehicles that we advertise are on the road and up to code ready to import to Europe.

Who We Are

We have a legal entity in Brazil that takes care of exportation and another in France that is in charge of importation. Our main team is based in São Paulo and we have representatives in France and  Europe that are in charge of receiving and delivery of the vehicles to your door, the FFVE documents as well as supporting technical inspections. Learn More

Frequent Questions

Why are Brazilian Kombis cheaper? What is the difference between Brazilian and German T1 Kombi Splits? How long does it take to import a kombi from Brazil? What guarantees are included in the price?

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