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Restoration – T1 Bus Samba Deluxe – Brazil 1975 – Ref. S008
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    Stage 1: Arrival  Here´s another Bus ready for the workshop. In a few months this will be a brand new Samba Bus! This bus was a really great base for a restoration. A rare find that will save … Read More

550 Sypder & 356 Speedster Manufacturing Service
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Brazil has a long tradition with building high quality fiber glass replicas and Combi Kombi has taken that one step further. Learning from the mistakes of previous replica manufactures and from paying close attention to in depth client accounts we … Read More

Combi Kombi Test Drive
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Every Bus we have goes through a road  and waterproofing test before exportation to make sure that everything is working properly.   Watch on YouTube

Combi Kombi’s Export Service Video
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After completing the projects,  its time for export. Combi Kombi offers an exclusive service, taking care of all the details to ensure your vehicle can be registered and safe to drive on the roads. Here are the details we include … Read More

Combi Kombi’s General Workshop Video
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Here is an overview of our workshop where the magic happens. You choose the details and after a generous amount of sweat, time and love. your dreams become reality. We have the necessary tools to build your bus and ensure … Read More

Restoration – T1 Bus Samba Deluxe – Brazil 1968 – Ref. S007
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Watch this Samba bus take shape through our extensive photo documentation. Stage 1: Stripping Stage 2: Wheel arches Stage 3: Window frames Stage 4: Floors and undercarriage Stage 5: Side panels Stage 6: Doors and hinges Stage 7: Side motor … Read More

Restoration – T1 Bus Samba Deluxe – Brazil 1971 – Ref. S006
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  See all the photos of this Beautiful Samba bus from our restoration workshop! Stage 1: Arrival Stage 2: Stripping Stage 3: Undercarriage Stage 4: Window frame restoration Stage 5: Motor housing Stage 6: Front panels and floors Stage 7: … Read More

Restoration – T1 Bus Racer X 2.0L – Brazil 1964– Ref S005
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Stage 1: Arrival Stage 2: Sandblasting Stage 3: Chassis Reinforcement (video) Stage 4: Chassis Paint Preparation Stage 5: Side Metal Work Stage 1: Arrival This 1964 beat up school bus is going to undergo one of the most prominent and … Read More

Restoration – T1 Bus Camper 11 windows – Brazil 1975 – Ref C003
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See all the photos on the restoration process of this collector’s kombi in our workshops in Brazil. Stage 1: Arrival Stage 2: Sandblasting & Stripping Stage 3: Front panels and wheel arches Stage 4: Interior frame Stage 5: Doors and … Read More

Combi Kombi’s Next Level Paint Job
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 After crafting sheet metal, welding the structure and molding the side panels, we shift the bus over to the paint prep department. First we sand the metal and apply two coats of prime to smooth out any small irregularities and … Read More

Combi Kombi’s Professional Bodywork Restoration
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Our Bodywork specialists work tirelessly to remove any imperfections in our client’s buses. All the floors, hinges and quarter panels are removed and replaced with new ones. We also produce many parts in house with our lathe or by forming … Read More

Discover Our High Quality Mechanical Restoration Service
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At Combi Kombi, we take pride in the work we put into our mechanical restorations. Arguably, the most important aspect, the mechanics get dismantled and reassembled with all new components. Just check our the video and you will see what … Read More

Restoration – T1 Bus Samba Deluxe Sunroof – Brazil 1975 – Ref. S004
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Take a look at the extensive detail invested in this project! Stage 1: The original bus Stage 2: Roof stripping Stage 3: General stripping Stage 4: Protection Stage 5: Floors Stage 6: Door restoration Stage 7: Front panels & wheel … Read More

Vehicle Exportation Gallery
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Whether you are after a restoration project or are just purchasing a Vintage car, we partner with shipping agents, transportation companies and customs specialists to provide you with the complete logistical solution to getting your vehicle right to your door. … Read More

Restoration – T1 Bus Samba Deluxe Sunroof – Brazil 1975 – Ref. S003
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See all the photos on the restoration process of this collector’s kombi in our workshops in Brazil. Stage 1: Pre-restoration  Stage 2: Strip and clean (video) Stage 3: Ties, stringers and floors (video) Stage 4: Metal work Stage 4.1: Metal … Read More

Take a 360º tour of the Brazilian Kombi Restoration Workshop!
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We open the doors of our Brazilian Kombi restoration workshop so that you can live through this incredible experience! Bodywork, painting, upholstery, mechanics… the camera will show you everything! Watch on Youtube Discover our reformation and restoration service before importation … Read More

Time-lapse of the Combi Kombi Garage
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We placed several cameras in the Combi Kombi workshop on Friday afternoon… Watch the Barbecue prep closely at the start of the video! Watch on Youtube

Happy 2018 from the Combi Kombi Team
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The VW Combi Kombi team wishes you a Happy New Year 2018! Watch on Youtube

Outtakes from Automoto with Combi Kombi
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On April 17th 2017 Jean-Pierre Gagick accompanied us during a broadcast from Automoto (TF1) in Brazil. See all the outtakes in the video below. Watch on Youtube

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