Restoration – T1 Bus Camper Deluxe – Brazil 1975 – Ref. C001

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Restoration - T1 Bus Camper Deluxe - Brazil 1975 - Ref. C001

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See all the photos on the restoration process of this collector’s kombi in our workshops in Brazil.

Stage 1: Finding the old girl a new home

getting our car from the countryside to our garage in São Paulo.

Stage 2: Strip and clean

Giving the kombi a good clean and taking her apart to get rid of her outer layer.

Stage 3: Door prep

putting on new hinges and making sure the door columns are straight and ready for alignment

Stage 4: Floors (video)

Replacing  the stringers and ties and cleaning up the floors. Watch out welder at work on the underbelly.

Stage 5: Bare metal

Now its time to get rid of any exterior substance and leave the Kombi glistening.

Stage 6: Front end and wheel wells

Changing the front-end panel, fixing up the wheel wells  and adding some new front floors.

Stage 7: Back end

Here our workers start closing up the windows for the camper and complete the metal work for the back end of the kombi.

Stage 8: Paint prep

Here  you can see the paint prep work before sending here off into the booth.

Stage 9: Mechanics (videos)

Here you can see the mechanics being taken apart and some videos of parts being sandblasted before painting.

Stage 10: Painting

Finally we can add some beauty to this Kombi and see how she will look on the road

Stage 11: Camper Construction

Time to really define this project and see what our cabinet maker can do. The drawers sink, stove top and fridge are all being installed. Even the hinges for the bed.

Stage 12: Complete Camper Interior

Finally all the hard work has paid off. The camper interior is finally finished, and it looks stunning if I say so myself

Stage 13: Complete Camper Exterior (video)

The exterior is magnificent and charming, elegant and clean. I can’t imagine the owner’s

Stage 14: Exportation (videos)

Now the camper is off to the port and ready to be shipped. Can’t wait for the next one!!

Stage 15: Arrival in France (video)

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