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Customization and Repair Options List

The deadlines and fees are given upon request. The above options are offered in the Quote and Order Form so that we can provide you with a complete quote for importing your vehicle, customization options included.

Specialized labor and Attractive Prices in Brazil

Our French/Brazilian team will advise you on your purchase, always with guaranteed low prices that will increase once the vehicle reaches Europe. We provide personalized support and pictures of the work progress on your vehicle, which will be carried out in Brazil

We have partnerships with the best Volkswagen Kombi restorers in the São Paulo area and we have direct contact with parts’ manufacturers selected for the quality and rarity of their products.

Included Fees for Parts and Labor

The customizations include the parts and labor and are completed in the São Paulo area in Brazil. If you wish to purchase a Brazilian Kombi to import to Europe, we will accompany your vehicle during the restoration and parts assembly phases, up until departure.

When you consult us regarding pricing through the Quote and Order Form, choose the options you are interested in and we will detail your quote. For all specific requests, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Find out about other customization options on the Bus Selecta Simulator site and tell us what you desire with a screenshot.

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