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Our Projects - Engineered for Excellence

The highest quality restorations at the best price!

Our restoration garage offer highest quality service for a fair price. As our team has years of experience exclusively with VW Buses we are well aware of the intricacies behind immaculately restoring these Bullis . After investing hundreds of hours into researching the best equipment and human capital on the market, we have arrived at the exceptional results we offer to our clients. The final product is a flawless amalgamation of art and science.

Here is a list of elements we work on during a restoration. These features are included in a base restoration unless the client advises otherwise.


  • Completely sandblasted body
  • New ties and stringers, New floors
  • New side skirts, jack stands
  • New metal side panels
  • New window + door posts
  • New hinges and cargo doors
  • New front panels and wheel arches
  • New wheel housing + valences + sills
  • New electrical system
  • New lights (headlights, brake lights, taillights)
  • New white wall tires
  • New two-tone paint job
  • New chrome rear-view mirrors


  • New upholstery + carpets
  • New seals & locks
  • Rebuilt instrument panel
  • Restored/ New Steering wheel
  • New Door panels
  • New interior lights
  • New interior handles and finishing
  • Restored spare wheel casing
  • New bench seat clamps


  • New all-around drum brakes
  • New shocks, suspension, clutch
  • New ball joints, wheel cylinders + tie rod ends,
  • Sandblasted and restored engine and transmission
  • New cylinders and Pistons
  • Restored radiator
  • New alternator to replace dynamo
  • New manifold + carburetor
  • New wiring harness


At Combi Kombi we take care in providing the best driving experience for our clients. Through trial and error and market research, we have developed elements that make our buses the best on the market.

  • Articulator elbow at end of transmission for easier shifting
  • Steering box with bearing rather than bushings
  • Main Suspension pin supported with bearings
  • Pedal rod with bushings for more stability

Why restore your bus in Brazil?

Brazil has much cheaper labor costs then other regions in the world specialized in VW restorations. Germany, Switzerland and The USA , all expect higher salaries for this type of work. Moreover, in many regions there is a lack of skilled restorers on the market. This is not the case in Brazil, there is still a strong VW Bus culture and with it, a supply of skilled workers ready to undertake a number of tasks.

In addition to cheaper labor , spare parts are still nationally produced and sold at fair prices. Replacement sheet metal, window in addition to a large supply of extras are easily found. This provides Brazil not only with a human resource advantage but also a physical goods advantage for restoring your bus here.


As part of the restoration process, all mechanical components will be taken apart, sandblasted, repainted, reassembled, tested and re-tested. The body will be completely sandblasted to remove any old residue or surface rust. The floors, cross members, profiles, shocks,  electronics, ball-joints and tie rod end are automatically replaced with new working parts.

The dashboard instruments are completely restored with the highest attention to detail.

We work with the best Brazilian professionals (painters, body-workers, mechanics, upholsterers). We also have the best tools available on the market (professional sandblasters, chemical baths, rotisseries, lathes, infrared dryers…)  You will not find a garage specialized in Kombis with better equipment then ours in all of Brazil.

At the same time, we also improve on some of the old Volkswagen parts.

  • The Dynamo is replaced with a modern alternator from the T2 2012. This ensures a better battery charge.
  • We install a manifold to improve performance and eliminate back pressure from the exhaust. This increases torque and power  (Not necessarily factory installed on Brazilian Kombis)
  • The platinum ignition system is switched with a modern ASSY ignition system (T2 2012) that does not rust.
  • We have innovated a new gear change mechanism that is part of every base model, allowing drivers to shift more smoothly and precisely.

Project Monitoring & Control

Combi Kombi also offers the formidable advantage of personally monitoring and controlling project flow. Our experienced team of project managers are constantly present at the job site to guarantee the highest degree of quality. As the project nears the finish and the Bus is assembled, we carefully road test the bus with an extensive check list and will go through a waterproof test to ensure all the seals and rubbers are watertight.

The restoration projects take place in our garage, headed by a prime contractor actively involved to ensure the projects go smoothly. Moreover, every week we will provide you with a complete and personalized summary of the project; a supporting dossier of extensive photos, videos and details on all the work in progress.

Your restored bus  will not leave the garage as long as you are not completely satisfied!

Timeline and Return on Investment

The restoration process of a collector’s Volkswagen Kombi is a long process that takes between 4 to 8 months during which the vehicle will be completely disassembled and reassembled. It is difficult to complete a restoration process quickly according to the proper guidelines, with a level of European detail. The cost of a restoration is substantial, yet the investment in a Brazilian Kombi is less than in Europe and the restored vehicle will be valued according to European prices once it is imported and registered.

For a quicker less expensive job, refer to the reformation service described below.

Why Reform Your Vehicle in Brazil?

We suggest you go through the reformation process on your Brazilian Kombi before importing it to Europe. The reason for completing the reformation process in Brazil is for the same reasons as why one would complete a restoration project here. Cheap labor and easy access to spare parts.


The reformation process is less demanding and detailed than a restoration, yet it guarantees a structurally sound body and mechanics at a lower price. It is more of a repair job rather than a complete restoration.

As part of the reformation process the Kombi will be stripped and disassembled to treat and remove all the rust on the body and replace the sheet metal if necessary. The floors cross members, profiles, shocks and the joints are automatically changed with new pieces.

The mechanics will be serviced and repainted but not sandblasted. Also, the entire electronic system will be serviced and checked over.

Before exportation, the vehicle will go through road and waterproofing tests to ensure the quality of the final product.

Project Monitoring

We are very punctual and methodical to assure you a high-quality final product. Once the project is completed and the Kombi is assembled, it will be road tested and will go through a waterproof test.

The reformation projects are generally conducted in three different garages, led by a project manager that visits the different workshops several times a week to ensure the projects go smoothly.

Timeline and Return on Investment

The Kombi reformation process is quicker and takes between 3 to 5 months, during which your vehicle will be completely disassembled and reassembled. It is difficult to complete the reformation process quickly with a level of detail allowing for a structurally sound body and properly serviced mechanics.  The reformation cost is more affordable and the refurbished vehicle will be valued under European prices once it is imported and registered.

Be aware, some professionals will attempt to disguise a reformation job as a restoration job. Always ask if the mechanics and the body will be sandblasted completely with professional tools. This is also very important as many workers will use materials that will not withstand the colder conditions in Europe or in the United States and Canada. You might be paying for a cheaper product, but ultimately one that will not endure the sands of time.

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